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Why Men Grow To Want Wife To Cheat

Discussion in 'Cuckolding in the News' started by David and Tracy, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. David and Tracy

    David and Tracy New around here... Beloved Member :)


    You have heard about “Love Potion #9" but you might not have heard about "Love Potion 69. The Love Potion # 9 was made famous by the popular song by The Cloves in 1959. Most people feel like it was just some made up words to a song to express the feeling of lost love. But the truth is there have been love potions used for hundreds of years to control people's emotional and sexual desires. Most people think of such things as voodoo with changes and special powers, but the truth is the chants and action only serve to satisfy the customer and fund the enchanter. But there are some actual biological effects that the mixtures, or potions used have in them that take effect when ingested.
    Nearly all of the experimentation that has been conducted in these areas has been by those who practice Black Magic and millions will testify to the results. There has been very little scientific research conducted on the subject, because of funding and the social taboos of sexual control. The German’s have done the most extensive study of sexual control to produce the superior race, and there are several sources that speak of their findings of control attractions to targeted individuals. They speak of male subjects that are treated with potions only being attracted to certain women. One experiment was conducted where several attractive women would be made available to a man but he would only have sex with a single undesirable female. The results were stated that this happened because the potions were made from that woman's vaginal fluids. Love potion #9 as I call it. There were experiments where men were given potions from a woman and they were extremely loyal to her but had no sexual desire toward her. I have named that Love potion # 69. However there appears to be no documentation of their research that survived the war. Some say that all the superior race research was confiscated, but what happened to it remains a mystery. It is interesting that most of the so called sexual taboos are more common in the areas that were under Nazi control.
    So what we do know about sexual control today is that it actually happens. Certain potions or mixtures of sexual fluids will produce changes in sexual responses. Most religions have prohibitions about contact with sexual fluids. There are limitations of contact at certain times, limitations for women during minstrel periods and even a sentence of death to men who didn't properly manage their sperm. To say it simply what came from a woman's vagina and a man's penis was never to be ingested through the digestive system.
    The reasons are, when such fluids are ingested the psyche is changed. Through careful observation religions had observed these changes and established prohibitions against them to control society’s morays. Remember that most religions restricted marriage from attractions and practiced parental selection.
    The purpose of this paper is to expose those effects, without the religious prohibitions or social taboos, to better understand the human sexual nature. This portion of the theory deals with what I will call the "Love Potion 69." The number 69 has always been a sexual number associated with oral sex. The 69 position is where the female is sucking the man at the same time that the man is licking the woman. Evidence show that the woman’s vaginal fluids have a stronger long term effect on the man, than the man’s fluids has on the woman. This can be witnessed in the natural world with animals. A female dog can be miles away and she will attract males who will go crazy after her. A man who does oral sex on a woman will always desire it, even to the extent that he will grow to need it to get sexually aroused. Most credit this ingesting of female excretion to the reason men over forty lose their sexual desire and turn to medications to restore that lost drive.
    The effects are enhanced if the male fluids are mixed with the woman's fluid. When man and woman have sex and the semen is injected into the woman’s vagina it will take 4 to 5 days for all of the semen to be flushed out of the vagina. If a man has sex with his wife and ejaculates in her, then a day or two later has sex with her, again with oral foreplay, then he is getting some of his own semen, with her fluids, into his system. Repeating this practice will cause the man to slowly loose his sex drive. The woman can be naked and ready for sex, yet the man can't obtain and erection. He can usually obtain an erection by giving oral stimulation to the woman receiving more Love Potion 69, and over time this too will fail to stimulate an erection. While this is happening to the man, the woman desires more sex than when she was younger. Her natural desires cause her to fantasize more and question her monogamous relationship. Society's moral have been stronger that her need for sex, so most women remain in an unsatisfied relationship.
    But things are changing. Sex has become more important in recent years and more and more women are willing to take the risk against the relationship and have sex outside of marriage. Many experience the fulfillment of their fantasies. The man talks to her and treats her different, because we are all different. In reality it wasn't any different that the sex she was having with her husband, but in her mind it was a lot more satisfying. Women have had sex with another partner and stated that it was like he raped me, but upon farther questioning it was very similar to what she was having with her husband. She might say that he was a good bit larger than her husband, but in some cases her husband was actually larger that her lover. Depending on what she desires and what her fantasies are another lover fulfills those desires. Then she comes back to a husband who can't obtain and erection or get excited about having sex with her, so her only thought for satisfaction is another man.
    Most women can never overcome the morays of society and cheating with another man. The teachings of marriage are stronger that her sexual desires, so she has intense sexual desires but the shame of society’s moral values convinces her to repress the desires. Studies have been conducted with women, who have only had sex with their husbands, and the theories are interesting. Some of these test use hypnosis to avoid the moral influences of their past or the shame of such feelings being shared. Other test use hallucinates to obtain a true response, and in both test the women want sex and with whom isn’t an issue. The modern world says that attraction is an important factor in a woman’s selection of a sex partner, but these studies have found that isn’t a factor, she just wants sexual pleasure. To put it simply most women just need something to fill their vagina. They will use objects but most of the women had to be conditioned to receive pleasure with such items. Even more shocking was the large numbers of women who entertained the thought of bestiality.
    If the woman overcome her inhibitions of having sex with another man, you have another sexual fluid in the potion and the effects is even more life changing. The sex act in itself is intended to impregnate the woman and has some safeguards to protect the breeding process until fertilization has taken place. For the woman her vaginal area changes after the sex act. The vaginal entrance becomes puckered and swollen so the entrance and cavity will close together. During sex the cervix will become thin and affront. The cervix at this time can’t be abused and what would normally cause pain is felt as pleasure. While she is climaxing it will contract and move up and down kind of like dogs laps water. During the woman's climax she feel a thumping sensation in her growing area, that is the cervix dipping to fill the opening with semen, then contract to take it in her uterus. After a few seconds the vaginal wall will be in contact with itself to help prevent the semen from escaping and the cervix will become withdrawn and more elevated and might even push the opening against the uterus wall. Sex with a woman at this time is often painful to the cervix area, causing the woman to reject another lover. The woman’s vagina is attempting to insure pregnancy from the chosen male and prevent others from taking advantage of her exposed state. Many women, who have trouble conceiving, fail to exhibit these involuntary actions.
    The man also has some natural actions to promote pregnancy. Very few men can continue to thrust after the ejaculation process is finished. The thrusting action during sex acts as a clearing function. As the penus is pulled out of the vagina the larger head portion of the penis drags along the vaginal cavity pulling anything inside toward the opening. If the male continues to thrust in and out after ejaculation then he will also remove his own semen from the area and less chances of fertilization. Instead the man desires to get as deeply as possible and hold himself in the woman until he begins to soften and the penus head size returns to a size smaller than its shaft. The man also loses all desire to continue in the sexual act and that is why women will say "I have never seen anyone get dressed and leave so fast". He has done his job and filled the woman and unconsciously, he doesn't want to do anything to risk impregnation. The man's semen also has a cleansing agent to help provide a bacteria free environment and to also kill any other semen that might be in the vagina. It also has a binding agent that causes the walls of the vigina to stick together and act as a sealant to trap the semen close to the cervix. Women who go to sleep shortly after having sex will notice the outer lips, or the labium minus will be stuck together and will have to use their fingers to open it to allow her to pee in a stream.
    The thrusting action also aids in impregnation. The first two and one-half inches of the virginal cavity is very sensitive, especially in the early stages of the sexual encounter, but the longer the act goes the less sensitive this area becomes and the woman needs more stimulation, or even abuse to continue to feel the sensation. Usually she will signal and the man will naturally respond by becoming more aggressive with his mate. She might lift her legs to expose herself to more abuse or change positions to sitting on him with his penis in her and grind on him in all directions. The man is in a position where he has little control and can't thrust with much action. The she might want to get on her knees to allow him to take her from behind allowing him the most powerful thrust of any position. She is also displaying with this position that the soft love is over, face to face as in missionary to allow kissing and facial contact, or cowboy which allows breast play and some growing area play, to a position of all you have is my ass now abuse it totally. All of this has a useful purpose. Deeper than those first 2 inches, a woman's vaginal cavity have very little sensitivity it. During normal times this part of a woman cavity would be little larger than the size of a 3" long pencil, but during sex it can dilates to greater that 5 inches, and will length to receive an object as large as 15 inches. This is why a woman can accommodate any male. A larger man can hurt the outer portion of the vagina if he doesn't give the woman time to adjust to his size and she will feel intense pain, but given time a woman vagina can take the largest of men. The abusive thrusting from any man stretches open this part of the woman’s vagina allows a larger area for the sperm to settle before being pushed out by movement.
    One other defense method of sex is the mixing of the woman vaginal fluids and the man sperm. This mixing of the two love juices creates a very pungent smell that most men are repulsed by. This smell cause the woman to be undesirable to other men insuring that only her chosen mate will impregnate her. However, it is this mixture that is the love potion 69. Over time and repeated exposure to that smell can cause a man to desire it and is excited by it. Men whose wives’ see other men will tell you that they can smell the difference on their wives and enjoy it. They will notice it at first but never seem to realize why she smells so different. The wife will avoid her husband because she know she has a strong odder and is afraid that he surely know why she smells so different. This smell can stay with the woman for quite a while and as I said the lover’s sperm will remain in her for 4 to 5 days. But the husband quickly accepts he wife’s new smell and being close with her night after night will cause him to no longer be offended by the smell and will accept it just as he has her bad breath in the morning. For many men this is as far as it goes, and the wife can continue her affair without him ever knowing. However, if he has more contact with her, then he will begin to crave the smell. He will still think that it is just the way his wife smells and he falls in loves that smell. It is that different that he notice from his wife’s lover’s sperm in her, and it becomes the aphrodisiac to him and he wants to smell more of it.
    Many men will even go through his wife's dirty cloths and sniff her panties for the smell. At first this is offensive, but he soon finds himself come for a sniff more often and enjoying it more each time. He then desires to smell it more and will want to smell it from her vagina. Play with her and sniff his fingers often. He isn't playing with his wife to get her excited for sex, but wanting to fill his cravings for that smell. Then he will want to smell it by having oral sex with his wife. By this time his wife is just happy that he has returned to loving her, even with her having a lover. She may desire to end the relationship and allows thing to return to the way they were before, but the desire for multiple partners with increase. She want to be desired. When his wife comes in from being with her lover he notices that smell and is attracted to it. It is all he can think about and wants to get her to bed. The wife may not be aware of it but she soon becomes conditioned to his response of her being with other men and feels like she is in control.
    The change comes when the husband begins ingesting that love potion. His wife’s fluids causes him to want more, but the man's portion causes him to want it in her more, unlike his own semen which causes him to become impotent. He never realizes that what he is wanting is another man to have sex with his wife, because he no longer has that desire. His sex drive becomes more involved in pleasing his wife, than himself. If she begins requisition he to do things then that becomes his satisfaction. Practiced long enough and his reduced level of testosterone, which happens to all men, he will do most anything to please his wife. Even if it move to the point of knowing about her lover, or at this time probably lovers, he will accept it.
    This is the biology of potions I will next deal with the social changes.
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  2. 2wheel

    2wheel Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    no paragraphs -urgh
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  3. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    David and Tracy:
    If you use the "Edit" mechanism to insert a blank line after the last sentence in each of your paragraphs, your post will be much easier to read. After you finish, click the "Save" mechanism to re-post your post with its inserted blank lines giving definition to your paragraphs.

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  4. Onceacuck

    Onceacuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

  5. Onceacuck

    Onceacuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    All very true but keep in mind that if not for the 3 primary religions and the concepts they created regarding sexual guilt and monogamy there wouldnt be any taboo in cuckolding. Its the taboo that makes it exciting and enjoyable for the the bull, the cuck and the wife. doing something that is frowned on by society. So dont knock the religions, if it wasnt for them our little fetish wouldnt exist.

    "So the notion that men all of a sudden want their wives to cuckold them, is not new. And more to the point is, women have been cuckolding men since the dawn of time, whether the men knew it or not. Its not about you...its about us."

    This is also very true. I know for a fact that about 50% of my girlfriends cuckolded me. Now it may be exciting for the wife to cuckold her husband without his knowledge it can also be very dangerous. If he finds out the consequences can be devastating. So a female who finds a husband that wants to be cuckolded should be very grateful.
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  6. WhiteboyCuck

    WhiteboyCuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    In my experience this is so spot on, in fact I am very familiar with this "potion". When I was young my sister went black and I became extremely turned on by it to the point where I would even sniff and jack off with her dirty panties. At first I did find the smell repulsive but it would get me so turned on. I began thinking about it more and more until the though alone would get my little white dick hard. Eventually I couldn't wait to get my hands on those panties. A few years of denial later I was fooling around with this girl in high school who eventually became the biggest black cock slut in school. Believe me when I tell you this girl was in love with black dicks. She would still mess around with me and she was not shy about her preference for big black dicks. She really liked to have her pussy eaten and said most black guys wouldn't do it. I used to love eating her pussy, I didn't know why at the time but the smell and taste turned me on like nothing else. I would even meet up with her just to eat her pussy. I've always had a theory that having all that cum inside her from all those big black dicks made her pussy so good. This thread answers a lot of questions that I've had for a long time.
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  7. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Not quite a lurker Author! Beloved Member :)

    I'm with you on this 2 wheel and David and Tracy. I took one look at that post and skipped on by. Not worth the effort to read, although it might have been good reading.
  8. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for agreeing, EroticWriter — although I'm Custer Laststand, not 2wheel.