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Discussion in 'Ask Khristy Creams' started by Julie0778, Apr 14, 2019 at 5:30 PM.

  1. Julie0778

    Julie0778 New around here... Beloved Member :)

    If a young white woman asked you about guys, dating etc. (like a young coworker, neighbor, your niece, your daughter), what advice would you give her about black guys? Would you steer her toward looking at IR porn to discover if it's something that appeals to her? Encourage her to sleep with at least one black man to see how she likes it? Set her up with a black man you know to be a good lover so she has a good experience? Have her go out with some girls that enjoy it so she can see it in a positive social light ? If you saw your friends doing it, wouldn't it be hard not to join in doing what the other girls are doing?

    I'm curious what people think about this and wonder about the experiences some people on here have had with that (did you have a "mentor"? have you mentored a young woman? have you always wanted to do that for someone?).

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  2. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Excellent question... but I have to take some time responding to this, so I'll post as soon as I can get myself collected and write something sincere and thoughtful... :rolleyes: so give me a day or two to collect and organize my thoughts. I'll be back with you shortly! *kiss* ;)

    Khristy :)

  3. Khristy Creams

    Khristy Creams BBC Only Hotwife Cuckoldress Sexual Goddess Staff Member VERIFIED! Beloved Member :)

    Well... Julie... when I am asked this question... I usually suggest they obviously not limit themselves sexually and to experiment sexually in whatever way they feel an interest in and desire for. I then can suggest specific things, as asked... and what I suggest, usually is dictated by the individual asking and of course... their personal experience and situation up to that point.

    In my experiences with being asked these things by other women, most women are seeking someone to assure them what they already know they wish to do is OK to be doing in the first place. Women just need positive encouragement and support and call it mentoring or whatever... I think we've all had women that have encouraged us and shown us... sex is great and to not limit ourselves when it comes to our individual person sexual pleasure, yet at the same time let us know we much be reasonable and not just run willey-nilley off the edge of the cliff.

    When it comes to suggesting Black men to other women, I totally encourage them to try sex with Black men if they haven't already, and not just once either... but try a number of and wide variety in Black men as well. Talking with other women who are sexually into and see Black men regularly, is also a really good thing to do... and yes, I have suggested Black lovers of mine to women when I know they need their first experience to be of a known particular level of, shall we say, sexual quality. Your comment about if you see your friends and others doing it with great enjoyment and positive attitudes, wouldn't it be hard not to join in and do what the others are doing... is spot on. That's why it's very important for us as women to make positive communities of ourselves as role models and positive examples and yes, mentors... for any and all other women coming along seeking to join the world of positive interracial sexual activities, and "be like" us!! :)

    Khristy ;)